The sport of pulling has reportedly been traced back to New England in the 1800’s with draft horse pulling, an event where farmers would challenge one another to show who had the most powerful horse or team. The horse or team would then pull a stone or weighted sled, and the winner would be the one who could pull the most weight the farthest distance.

As agricultural technology advanced, and horses were eventually replaced with tractors, it was only natural for the sport to gain traction as a motorsport which eventually evolved into what we have today.

The pulls of today require a driver to pull a weighted sled, weighing upwards of 60,000 pounds down a dirt track the length of a regulation-sized football field, resulting in a “Full Pull”. The driver with the farthest distance wins the event. From a technological standpoint, the amount of modern horsepower and torque required achieve this feat is astonishingly impressive.

The sport has become more than just a rural phenomenon and has become more mainstream with the addition of Diesel Trucks, Super Stock Two Wheel Drive Trucks and Semis. The sport draws over 3 million fans per year to it’s events.

Coming Fall of 2016, Hooked On Dirt will be the first reality show in history centered around the popular sport of truck and tractor pulling. The show will focus on the intertwined personal and professional lives of several drivers and their involvement with the Battle of the Bluegrass Pulling Series, as the sport is part of their every-day life.

Hooked On Dirt will feature drivers that come from many walks of life but all crave one thing, to win. Winners get the money, the fans and the bragging rights. There is a unique connection with pullers and fans in that the sport of pulling, like the reality show will do, intertwines with their daily lives. Since pulling is a part of a puller’s daily life, they relate to the fans, and the fans relate to the products that the drivers use and endorse.

With the flashy, high performance vehicles, the colorful characters and hot competition, Hooked on Dirt will bring the sport of truck and tractor pulling to the masses in a way that has never been achieved before.



‘Hooked On Dirt’ can now be seen on the following channels:

this_24_louisville_logoTHIS 24 Louisville
Thursday: 6:30 PM (After Kentuckiana Motorsports)
Friday: 12:30 AM (After Kentuckiana Motorsports)
Saturday 12:30 PM (After Kentuckiana Motorsports)
Monday: 7:00PM (After The Business Spotlight)
                                          Thursday: 10:30PM (After Kentuckiana Motorsports)
                                           Saturday: 5:30PM (After Texas Music Scene)
Mondays: 7:30PM & 10:30PM ET
Thursday: 6:30PM ET
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